Based on your design and your Natural Language Processing setup, Xenioo will automatically build an Alexa Skill model everytime your choose to publish. The Alexa model enforces some very specific rules on specific contents and variables that may halt your publishing process. You can find below the most common messages. If you encounter a message that is not listed and cannot understand what and why it is happening contact our support for a quick resolution.

There is a build in-progress for this skill

This message may be shown whenever you try to publish from Xenioo to Alexa after a very short while from the previous publish. There's no real issue with your Skill just wait some minutes to allow Alexa to complete the build of the previous submission.

No AI Intents defined for Alexa skills management

This message is displayed whenever your chatbot has no valid intents specified under the AI section. Alexa Skills are AI based chatbots and can only work using Intents and Expressions. You must define the required intents for your skill and try again.

Missing sample utterance. At least one sample utterance is required

At least one of the intents you've created is missing at least one utterance. All intents you are defining inside the Xenioo NLP engine, excluding some very specific Alexa types, must have at least one utterance.

Intent name "NAME" contains invalid characters. Intent names must begin with an alphabetic character and may only contain alphabets, periods, and underscores.

All intents that are going to be used for an Alexa skill must follow a strict naming rule that does not allow non alphabetical characters outside standard letters, periods and underscores.

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