Audiences are basically groups of dynamically filtered users. By using audiences you can target specific users for a broadcast or show only specific conversations in the Conversation section.

Audiences can be created inside the global audiences view under the broadcast section or when filtering conversations. Updates done from one side are reflected on the other. Audiences can be evaluated in near real-time while you build them by just clicking on the refresh button you can see on the bottom right of the Create Audience dialog.

Create Audience


This is the name of the audience. It can be anything you like.

Only users that match

Using this dropdown you can choose if the current audience conditions are to be checked using AND (all conditions must be met) or OR (any condition can be met). More complex relations can also be achieved.


Using this grid you can add multiple conditions that will be matched against each user conversation variables or tag based on the previous logical option. The following fields are available:




Any tag assigned to the conversation


Any conversation variable available to your chatbot.

First Seen

The time elapsed since the first contact with the user

Last Seen

The time elapsed since the last contact with the user


Any other audience you've already created.

Advanced Filters

Each Audience can have only AND or OR matching for all fields but you can still create sub groups and complex filters by matching multiple audiences together.

This is achieved by using the Audience condition as filter in another audience. The first audience will instance the second one as a filter and evaluate it to return a match or no match. You can then mix each match with other conditions. Nested audiences can even reference other audiences up to 5 level of depth.

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