Upgrading to a paid plan

Whenever you want you are welcome to upgrade to a paid plan to unlock additional features, chatbots and messages.

All you need to do to upgrade to a paid plan is to select the one that best suits your business and proceed to payment.

Payment is not processed at the moment of your upgrade. You will be charged next month accordingly to our billing cycle.

Xenioo uses Stripe as a unique payment gateway as we believe it offers the most secure and best payment experience for our customers.

All of the major credit cards are supported and accepted.

You can cancel your paid plan or any additional package whenever you want.

Just pay attention to our payment cycles and keep in mind that some of your chatbots may stop working correctly after downgrade if any premium feature is being used.

Updating your payment information

If your credit card changes or expires you will need to update your payment information inside Xenioo.

If by the end of the month your payment processing fails we may proceed to unpublish your bot and, eventually, to fully lock your account.

To update your payment information:

  • Log in to your Xenioo account

  • Click on you Avatar icon, on the top left corner of the page

  • Click on "Account"

  • Click on "Active Subscription" on the left menu

  • Below your current active plan value, click on "Update your Billing and Payment Information"

  • On the dialog that appears you can change your billing information. Clicking on "Update Card Details" you can change your credit card information

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