Google Assistant

Using this channel you can publish, update and manage a complete, production ready Google Assistant Action compatible with multiple Smartphones, Home Assistant Devices, TV and in-car systems. Xenioo will not just automatically build for you the basic dialog and settings for your Action but will also be able to act as a full backend for it, managing your dynamic chatbot.

General Channel Settings

Project Id

This is the id of the project you can copy directly from your action details after creation. The first time you publish this will be the only parameter required. After pasting the project id, press Save to proceed to auth token request.

Authorization Code

This is the authorization code shown by the Google integration page that becomes available after pressing Save on the Xenioo publish wizard. This code is required for interacting with your action and updating your settings.

Further Reading

The following Xenioo articles and resources can guide you in configuring, publishing and maintaining your Google Assistant Action.

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