Chatbot Integration Settings

The integration settings page of your chatbot allows you to change or review many global aspects of your chatbot. Additional integrations are available as actions on your chatbot flow.

API Token

This code represent your chatbot API Token. Depending on the different outside integrations you will use you may need it to call specific Xenioo API related to your chatbot.

API Secret

This code is the API Secret used in various real time integrations meant to directly access data of your Account or Chatbot.

Events Webhook URL

In the Events Webhook field you can specify a webhook url that will receive all of the messages that are sent and received by Xenioo for the current chatbot as well as different events you can enable or disable at will.

When the Webhook is activated, Xenioo will automatically send any of the selected events generated by your chatbot every 20 seconds.

The Events Webhook is not intended as a real-time communication API relay as the average interval for events signal is 20 seconds. This means that all events happened in a conversation will be grouped and sent to your hook with a 20 seconds delay. If you are looking to build an alternate view based on real-time conversation events please refer to our Custom Channel solution

The Webhook payload is always an array of items similar to the example below:

    "Type": 0,
    "ItemType": "Text",
    "Data": "Hey you, I'm your chatbot!",
    "Date": "2019-07-10T15:47:58.580873+00:00",
    "BotToken": "...",
    "AccountName": "Matelab Srl",
    "ConversationId": "...",
    "UserName":"conversation user name",
    "Channel": "TelegramChannel"
    "Type": 1,
    "Data": "Hello there!",
    "Date": "2019-07-10T15:47:58.5750058+00:00",
    "BotToken": "...",
    "AccountName": "Matelab Srl",
    "ConversationId": "...",
    "UserName":"conversation user name",
    "Channel": "TelegramChannel"
    "BotToken": "...",
    "AccountName": "Matelab Srl",
    "Name":"Intent Name",
    "Key":"Intent Key"
    "BotToken": "...",
    "AccountName": "Matelab Srl",
    "Text":"Missed AI Text"

Each array entry can have the following fields:




The type of entry, according to the table below.


The item specific visual type.


The subtype of the item specific visual type.


The content of the message. It can be either the text sent by the user or the message sent by the chatbot. If the user clicks a button this field will contain both its text and its payload.


The exact date of the message


The unique bot token associated to the chatbot generating the item


The full name of the account generating the item


The Id of the conversation associated to this item


The name of the channel that generated the item


The text that was not detected by Xenioo AI


The name of the Intent or Entity related to the event


The key of the Intent or Entity related to the event

Message type can have one of the following values:




Chatbot chat message


User chat message


A conversation error has occurred


An intent was updated


An intent was deleted


An entity was updated


An entity was deleted


A user chat message was not detected by Xenioo Automatic Intent Redirection


New user connected to the chatbot. The user has never contacted the chatbot before (or has been forgotten).


A user returned to talk with the chatbot. This event is fired only once every 24 hours even if the user comes back multiple times during the day.


Take Over happened


Hand Over happened


The conversation hit a fallback interaction


The conversation hit a wrong question reply

The expected Webhook reply must be a standard HTTP 200 OK. The reply body can be empty. If your Webhook fails to correctly reply or is unreachable for more than 10 times Xenioo will stop any further call and alert your account. To re-enable the Webhook simply save again the chatbot settings. A failing Webhook will also trigger an alert email to the account email directly related to the chatbot. Each message sent to your chatbot by a user or delivered by your chatbot to any user will be queued and delivered to your hook at a latency of maximum 20 seconds.

This feature is used on your bots as long as you have an active paid subscription. Each call to your hook will count as an additional outgoing message. Xenioo will consider one single outgoing message regardless of the amount of in and out messages sent to the hook in each single push. So for example if a hook call contains 30 messages that will still count as only one additional outgoing message.

The specified Webhook is ignored if your bot is running under a free plan.

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