Team Member Access

For all intent and purpose, a team member is a fully functional Xenioo account. A team member has its own email and password access (after signup) and, by default, a free account.

Each team member can access its own account and build private chatbots and even upgrade its own account to any premium type. A team member may be managing other team in his own chatbots seamlessly.

When a user who is part of a team logs in, Xenioo will automatically execute one of the following actions:

  • If the user is part of a team of only one account, he will be redirected to that account by default;

  • If the user is part of more than one team, an account selection window will be presented.

If the user is in any of the above scenario but has already chosen an active account previously, he will be redirected to that automatically.

As a team member, a user can always change the active account by using the Switch Account command on the account avatar context menu.

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