Waboxapp is a WhatsApp Web based solution. Once you've configured your phone remember to do not use WhatsApp web or your account may become disconnected and your chatbot may stop responding correctly.

To configure the Waboxapp WhatsApp provider follow the steps detailed below:

  • Signup for a Waboxapp Account

  • After registering, you'll be redirected to your account dashboard

  • From there, click on the My Phones menu item on the left

  • Click on the Add new WhatsApp account on the bottom of the page

  • Follow the initial setup instructions requiring to install a simple Google Chrome Extension

  • Using the extension, pair your WhatsApp account with Waboxapp

  • Once your phone is connected, you should see something like this:

  • Make sure that both your Chrome Extension and you phone number inside the Waboxapp page are green and on connected state

  • Copy the phone number you see on the Waboxapp page and paste it on the same field inside the Xenioo publish dialog. Make sure that the numbers are exactly the same otherwise Xenioo will refuse incoming messages.

  • Next, copy the API Token you see on the top of the Waboxapp page inside the same field of the Xenioo publishing dialog.

  • Lastly, copy the Hook Url from the Xenioo publish dialog and paste it inside the Hook Url of the associated phone entry. Do not copy the hook url on the Hook url field you see on the top of the page as this will associate the same hook to all your account numbers.

  • Publish the bot

  • Enjoy!

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