The Free plan

Your first signup to Xenioo will be as a free account, by default.

We strongly believe in the power of trying and testing each and every feature and we are sure that after trying and understanding the power of Xenioo you will choose the upgrade path that suits you most.

Duration of the Free Account

The free account never expires.

You're welcome to try and use Xenioo with your free account for as long as you wish. If your requirements fall within the limitations of our free account offer, you're welcome to use Xenioo for as much as you want.

Please note that we may, from time to time, decide to delete old accounts that are not active and are not using live chatbots. If your account will fall into this group you will receive an email alert and you will be able to reset your account state by simply logging on.

Testing premium chatbot features

Each and every Xenioo chatbot action is free to be tested and tried with your free account.

Sometimes, while designing your chatbot, you will encounter some actions marked as premium: these actions can be used and previewed at will from a free account but will require a paid plan to be used in a live chatbot.

Simply put: you're free to use these advanced actions and integrations for as much as you want but not in a live, published chatbot.

To use these premium features in a live chatbot (published on Facebook, for example), you will need to upgrade.

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