Moving users from an existing bot to Xenioo

You can easily import user from different formats directly into Xenioo but if you're moving from another Facebook chatbot some additional steps are required.

Facebook gives to each of your contacts a unique id that is associated with the chatbot engine you are using. If you disconnect the previous engine and connect Facebook all of your users will be given a brand new id and you'll not be able to track or target them.

To move your users from your current chatbot to Xenioo, follow the steps below:

  • Create your Xenioo chatbot

  • Put a Flow Control Action as the very first action of your start interaction, like in the picture below. This will stop your Xenioo chatbot as soon as it starts. We do not want this later of course but its perfectly fine right now.

  • From your previous bot platform send a broadcast to your users. The content should require to press a simple button or just reply to a simple answer. Any form of interaction will do.

  • Any user interacting with your bot will activate Xenioo that in turn will record the contact.

  • Your users are now stored inside the Conversation section of Xenioo. You can now disconnect your old bot and publish your full Xenioo chatbot.

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