Telegram Deep Linking

Xenioo Telegram channel fully supports the Telegram Deep Linking link format. This enables your chatbot to automatically present your user with different informations depending on a specific keyword added to your chat link.

A standard Telegram chat link would look something like this:<BOT_NAME>

Where <BOT_NAME> is the name of your page. To build a referral link, you just add the referral parameter at the end of the link like this:<BOT_NAME>?start=<REF_PARAM>

The <REF_PARAM> value can be any single word without blank spaces, and it is going to be the value your bot will be looking for.

Checking for a referral

Inside your chatbot, the referral value will be available in a variable named referral. Inside your chatbot startup flow, you can use the referral value to differentiate the flow accordingly.

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