NLP Master

By enabling the NLP Master package it becomes possible for your Xenioo account to share Intents among all of your chatbots without repeating them in every instance. Once added to your account, the Master NLP package will automatically create a new master entry in your chatbot list where all your global NLP can be created.

Global NLP Intents and Entities can be referenced in any of your chatbot account. Any update you make on the NLP Master Container will be automatically reflected on every chatbot. The integration with your chatbots will be seamless: you will see the Global NLP Intents and Entities as part of your chatbot with no additional configuration.

Shared intents are counted only once. Shared intents used by chatbots are not counted toward account NLP usage.

Redirection Settings

While your intents and expressions are fully defined inside your NLP Master Container instance you still have the ability to configure redirection targets for every single chatbot. In your chatbot AI section you will be able to identify shared Intents by color and style, like in the picture below:

Editing shared Intents will bring up the Master Intet Detail dialog, where you can still choose where the intent is redirecting locally to your chatbot like you would do with a standard one.

NLP Master Limits

The following limit apply to the AI section when using NLP Master Intents and Entities:

  1. Expressions of Intents shared from a NLP Master Container cannot be changed, added or removed

  2. Intents names, topics and contexts of Intents shared from a NLP Master Container cannot be updated

  3. Entities of Intents shared from a NLP Master Container cannot be extended with new values. Existing entity values can be used to train chatbot local intents.

Outside of the above limits, you're free to configure and update shared intents in each and every chatbot.

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