Distribution Lists

Distribution lists can be used to quickly send a broadcast or a whole campaign to multiple contacts.

Contacts are supplied to the distribution list not by specifying an audience but by supplying a contacts import file. The contacts contained in the file, either new or existing, will be targeted by the selected broadcast or campaign.

Distribution Lists are available as an additional package and are not enabled by default. If you wish to activate your chatbot Distribution Lists capabilities make sure to add the Distribution Lists package to your account.


Each distribution list has the following settings

Target Flow

Either a Broadcast or a Campaign can be selected as a target flow. If a Campaign is selected, the distribution list execution will be triggering the completed Campaign flow. Distribution Lists activation does not follow trigger or time rules: any broadcast or campaign can be selected, regardless of the activation type.

Delivery execution still takes specific Audience into consideration. If the users specified in your import file do not fall into the broadcast or campaign specified audience, no message will be sent.

Distribution List File

The file supplied must follow the standard Xenioo contacts imports format. If any issue arises during import or during delivery, a message will be displayed in the Distribution Lists view.

The file can contain data referring to both existing and new users, depending on the id and unique information contained.

Execution Recap Email

When all of the contacts contained in the supplied file have been parsed and contacts, Xenioo will automatically send a recap email to the specified address. The email is by default filled with the active account email but can be changed at will or left empty if not recap report is required.


Distribution Lists are delivered in less than 60 seconds after the file has been acquired by Xenioo. Multiple Distribution Lists could be running for the same chatbot at the same time, even targeting the very same contact.

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