Entities are basically specific parts of your expressions that can be detected by the Xenioo engine and extracted to your chatbot variables. Entities are used whenever a specific word represent a value that your chatbot, your flow or even your remote endpoints require.

The fastest way to define an entity is by picking a word inside your expressions and click on it. Xenioo will automatically bring up the entity selector dialog where you will be able to either assign the word to an existing entity or create a new one.

Once you've defined your entity, Xenioo will be able to recognize variations inside the expression as well as detect any of the different entity values inside different sentences.

Consider the following example:

I want a cheeseburger
I'm having a taco
I think I'll have an hamburger

What our chatbot needs to know is not really how the user asked for food but what food has been asked. Assigning to cheeseburger, hamburger and taco the entity 'food', our expressions will look to Xenioo something like this:

I want a {food}
I'm having a {food}
I think I'll have an {food}

Also, the entity 'food' can now be either cheeseburger, hamburger or taco so all of the above sentences become acceptable for any type of order. Later, if you need to add new food types you can manually add new entries (or even variations) to the same entity

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