Infobip is a Whatsapp Business solution. Please make sure to follow the necessary steps to enable a Whatsapp business phone number.

To configure the Infobip WhatsApp provider follow the steps detailed below:

  • Login to your infobip account

  • On the left side, click on the Apps menu icon

  • On the Apps page, choose "numbers"

  • In the target page you should see your current Whatsapp business number

  • Copy the number into the Xenioo Phone Number field, then click on the number in the Infobip page.

  • On the right side of the page a keyword configuration should appear

  • You should have no active keywords. If you have, make sure that the one you're adding is related to "ANY OTHER KEYWORD".

  • Edit the new keyword endpoint by simply adding the Xenioo Hook Url in the Url box then press Save.

  • After the hook as been saved, head to your account configuration and look for the API Keys Management section. From there, click on the Manage API Keys link.

  • Click on the NEW API KEY button to create a new api key then copy it and paste it in the API Key field on the Xenioo publishing page.

  • While being logged in infobip, head to the API pages here. Copy the very first Url you see into the Personalized Base Url field of Xenioo.

  • Click on publish

  • Congratulations! Your Xenioo chatbot is online!

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