Clone and Reference Clone

Any chatbot inside you account can be quickly cloned by using the supplied "Clone" button. Each chatbot clone is, by default, a full clone of the original chatbot and becomes completely detached from it. Any change you make to the original chatbot is of course not reflected on the cloned chatbots.

An optional Xenioo package, called "Clone Master" can enable an additional way of cloning chatbot named "referenced clones".

Referenced Clones

A referenced clone is a chatbot that remains attached in all content and features to its original source. As soon as you create a referenced clone, the original bot will become the "Master Clone" bot and all of the clones will be considered childs of the master. Visually, you'll notice a crown near any Master Bot you have in your account and a link symbol to any child. Hovering over the symbols will let you know how many childs the master has or who is the master of a child.

Working with a Master Bot

A master bot is a bot that has at least one referenced clone. It can be modified and changed exactly like any other chatbot. You can build your flow, train AI or add broadcasts freely both before and after creating your referenced clones. A Master bot can be online on any given channel and carry on its own conversations like any other chatbot.

The only difference between a master bot and a standard bot is the ability to update all the referenced clones with any update made at any given time. A master bot has an additional button just for that on the main design toolbar.

The update and publish button will automatically update all of the referenced clones propagating any change you've made to the master bot. Each child chatbot will also be automatically published to any configured channel.

Working with a Child Bot

A child bot is a bot created from a Master Bot, as a referenced clone. By default, each behaviour, intent, broadcast and audience will be locked: they cannot be changed as they are referenced by the Master Bot and will be updated automatically.

You can change the status of each content by selecting the "Detach" button. If you detach a part of the chatbot from the Master Bot, it will not be automatically updated by the Master Bot and will become local to the child bot.

You could, for example, create a Child Bot that has just one detached behaviour, where you put all the chatbot local configuration.

Master Bot And NLP Master

Master Bots can be using NLP Master intents. NLP Master intents will be inherited by child bots.

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