When you build a chatbot using Xenioo, there are some basic concepts that you will see repeated multiple times and that need to be understood to navigate your flow design.

Your chatbot is basically split into multiple layers. Each layer details more and more specifically a unique functionality.

The highest layer is the behavior. A Behavior is, generally speaking, how your chatbot handles a specific situation. A behavior of your chatbot for example, may be called "Feedback Management" and handle everything related to receiving feedback from a user.

Inside each behavior, we find one or more Interactions. Interactions define the steps of your chatbot behavior and contain information of how exchanges with your users happens.

Each interaction will then contain one or more action. Each action defines a minimal unit containing a single step of a greater interaction. A single action can be, as an example, a speech bubble or a button or an image.

Lastly, each action may have one or more operations attached. As the user interacts with your chatbot actions certain events can be fired such as the redirections of the flow to another behavior: all of these additional events are operations.

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