Training & Testing your Model

As you add new expressions and entities to your AI model, you will notice a warning sign near the Train & Test section. The warning sign is alerting you that re-training is required.

To train your model just click on the "Train & Test" button on the left of the AI section. Xenioo training is very fast: your model train (or re-train) should be completed in a few seconds. After that, all your intents are ready to be tested.

To test your model, just type an expression in the evaluation text box and see what Xenioo AI is parsing as a result.

  1. This is the parsed sentence. From here you can see what Xenioo AI engine is parsing and stemming your example expression. Entities are expressed by their own name in place of words.

  2. This is the list of all intents that are processed and that have any relevance to the expression. Below each intent name you will see the expression that is triggering the intent. If you have more than one intent triggering a 100% relevance you may end up having false positives or out of context answers. It may be a good idea to check your model or implement priority or topics.

  3. This is the list of all the entities that have been found in the submitted expression noted both with main value and detected synonym (if any).

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