Payment & Invoicing

Active paid account payments are always processed on the 1st day of every month.

Xenioo will generate automatically a billing request on the card you've used to upgrade your account and will forward an invoice notification to your account email.

As you upgrade your account, no payment is processed until the 1st day of the following month. The same applies if you cancel a paid plan or remove an upgrade package.

For example, if you upgrade your account or add a new package on the 20th of November, you will not pay for the upgrade until the 1st of December and you will be charged for the days your plan or package was active in November.

If on the 10th of December you change your mind and cancel your plan or remove a package, you will not pay until the 1st of January and you will be charged for the days your plan or packages was active in December.

All paid invoices are listed inside your account section, under the invoices page. From there you will be able to download the full invoice for your monthly payment.

If you are the owner or represent an Italian based company, we will also automatically generate and forward to SDI a full electronic invoice instance targeted to your invoice unique code or to your certified email address(PEC).

If you have any doubt or need any further information related to payment & invoicing please feel free to contact our support service anytime.

Missing a payment

If for any reason your payment method is declined by our gateway your account will be immediately notified on the email address you've configured as your billing contact.

After the first notification you have 5 days to login and update your billing details so that Xenioo can reprocess any pending payment. After the first fail, Xenioo will automatically retry to process your account payment again the next day.

If after 5 days the payment is still pending, Xenioo will automatically lock your account and take offline any active channel. You can still login freely and change your billing details so that your pending payment is successful.

After 90 days of inactivity of a pending account like this, Xenioo will automatically delete any data related to chatbots and conversations.

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