Feed Integration

Xenioo permissions will include also the power to post on your page feed creating both brand new posts or replies to users. You can use this integration to automatically post content on your page, directly from your chatbot or reply to your users comments on your page using your chatbot flow. If you enable this feature on some specific actions, Xenioo will smartly react in two different ways:

  • If the user adding the comment has already interacted with you or with the chatbot trough messenger a conversation will be automatically started.

  • If the user has never interacted with you the text reply produced by your chatbot will become a reply to the user post. You can include in the text a link to your messenger.

To let you distinguish between know and unknown users a specific runtime variable will be generated during execution.

To use feed integration you turn on, on a global bot operation, the React to Page comments flag.

Once enabled you can choose to react to a very specific post by filling the "Specific Post Id" field with the Facebook post id or react to any comment done on any post of your page. In this second case, you can leave the input field blank.

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