Creating Manually

You can create an entity manually by using the Entities editor you find under the AI section of Xenioo. Entities created manually from scratch can later be referenced using the contextual editor mode. An entity created manually is never referenced or available until at least one expression uses it.

Entity Properties


This is the name of the entity. You can use any name you like as long as it does not contain spaces. The name you choose for the entity will also be the name of the variable that will be created when a sentence is parsed by Xenioo and the result is redirected to your chatbot.


This field represent the type of entity your are creating or editing. Currently Xenioo supports the following entity types:




This is the default type. Standard entities are represented by a list of values and possible variations.


This is a placeholder representing any value at the specified position.

Additionally, Xenioo is also capable of detecting numbers both in numerical and textual form and forward them to your chatbot as contextual entity variables.


This value can be used to reference a specific entity type for a specific channel. If you are publishing for Alexa for example, you may enter here the corresponding Alexa Slot Type name.


Here you will find all the values you've specified while creating the entity using contextual mode. You can add as many values as you wish and also specify here synonyms.

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