Dialogflow Detection Action

This action will parse any user text through Dialogflow engine. This operation is global and can be activated anywhere during the conversation or the current behavior.


The action uses the following settings:


This action is optimized to use Dialogflow only once per user input. Even using multiple Dialogflow Detection actions will result in a single Dialogflow API Call. Every Dialogflow API call will count as an additional chatbot message.

The Language field is fully parsed to be dynamic so you can set your Dialogflow language dynamically at runtime.

Any integration issue that Xenioo encounters during Dialogflow calls can be found inside each conversation Execution Diagram or inside the chatbot preview Execution Diagram.


On Intent Detected. This action will trigger any child operation as soon as the user input is matching the selected intent with at least the specified confidence.


This action produces the following variables after being triggered:

Every entity specified in the detected expression will be translated to a runtime variable named after the entity name.


Channel specific availability follows the table below:

This action can be used only at Bot Global level or Behavior level. This action is available only to Premium Accounts.

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