Synonyms can be used whenever an entity value could be expressed in different ways but you still need the original value passed to your chatbot. For example:

I live in New York
I live in the big apple

The above expressions are both referring to New York. By default, we could add both New York and Big Apple to the entity location and the AI engine would be perfectly capable of parsing both.

The problem comes when we would like to have all variations (big apple) to point to an original value (New York) as we do need to have a unique value in our chatbot. To accomplish this, we simply move big apple on the same line as new york, inside brackets:

This notation will tell Xenioo that Big Apple is a synonym of New York and that, while it should be accepted as a possible value, should be translated back to the main value when passed as a variable.

Going back to our example, both of the expression would now both create a location variable valued New York.

Additional synonyms can be specified by just separating them with a comma and there's no limit to the number of synonyms you can add for each entity. Standard entity notation for alternate values continue of course to be possible.

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