Control Conversation Transfer Action

This action will transfer the current conversation to a target chatbot inside the same account or give back the transferred conversation to the original chatbot.


The action uses the following settings:




Set the action mode to Transfer or Give Back control.

Target Bot

The name of the bot to whom the conversation will be transferred.


The name of the behaviour where the conversation will be redirected


The name of the interaction where the conversation will be redirected

Conversation Key

A conversation variable name that will be used to join the current conversation with the target one on the target chatbot.


This action can transfer the current conversation to another chatbot without leaving the current channel. This means that the conversation will continue on the platform being used by the current conversation on the current chatbot.

When the transfer happens, if the target chatbot is published on the same channel has the current conversation (e.g. both chatbots run on WhatsApp) then the transferred conversation will be set on the same channel. If the target chatbot is not published on the same channel as the current conversation, the first available channel on the target chatbot will be selected.

Using the Conversation Key parameter, Xenioo will automatically attempt to find a conversation, on the target chatbot, that has a variable named and valued identically. If found, conversation will be redirected automatically to that conversation. If no conversation is found, a new conversation will be created.

One or more variable can be transferred back and forth between target conversations so that data exchange between the two chatbots can happen automatically.

The conversation happens for the user seamlessly, with no information about the transfer. The conversation happening after the transfer is stored on the target chatbot and not on the original one. As an example, a routing chatbot may redirect to a service specific chatbot: the service specific conversation and data will be stored on the service specific chatbot conversations.

The target chatbot can, in any part of the flow, invoke the Give Back transfer control command and stop the transfer. After this, the conversation will continue on the original chatbot.

While under transfer state, the target chatbot cannot transfer the conversation to any other bot. Any transfer action executed while the bot is already a transfer target will be ignored.

If the conversation becomes stale or the user disconnects from the current channel while a conversation transfer is active, the transfer will be automatically closed and control redirected to the original chatbot.


This action does not have any trigger.


This action produces the following variables after being triggered:




Contains "true" if the redirection just ended otherwise empty.


Contains "true" if the current conversation comes from a redirection. Empty otherwise. This variable is available on the target conversation.


Contains the full name of the bot to whom the conversation has been redirected.


Contains the full name of the bot that activated the redirection. This variable is available on the target conversation.


Channel specific availability follows the table below:




Fully Available.


Fully Available.


Fully Available.


Fully Available.


Fully Available.

Google Assistant

Fully Available.


Fully Available.


Fully Available.

This action can be used inside interactions and as child of other actions. This action requires a Redirection Package to be used on a live chatbot.

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