The Discord channel let you publish a Xenioo chatbot on Discord. The chatbot can then be invited to servers and channels.

Xenioo Discord bots can communicate in channels and to single users directly.

General Channel Settings

Auth Token

This is the authorization token you can retrieve from your bot development page on the Discord Developer Portal.

Messages Filter

Here you can specify a general message filter that will be applied to all incoming messages. Use this parameter to block unwanted messages that may trigger specific chatbot actions.

Button Styles

Xenioo supports Discord interactive content in the form of standard Carousel Cards or Interactive Messages. When used for other channels both these actions will be transformed into standard Discord Interactive Content.

Discord buttons can also have a different color, depending on the associated style. On the Xenioo designer you can associate different colors using the Custom Style Action. The following styles are currently supported:



The default button color


Alternate button color


Red button color


Green button color


Alternate button color with a "link" symbol

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