Xenioo conversations is the section where all of your users chats are stored. In this section you will see real-time updates of every conversation your chatbot is currently running as well as a number of other informations that can greatly help you and your team.

Xenioo is capable of managing multiple simultanous conversations for each channel of each of your chatbots. There is no technical limit to the number of contacts your user may handle for each specific channel. Depending on your plan, each user message may consume your monthly quota.

  1. This is your contacts list. All the users that have been contacted by your chatbot are listed here.

  2. Here you can search for a specific conversation user. Using the filter icon you can also use more advanced filters by applying dynamic Audience matching.

  3. This is the chatbar where you or your operators can chat directly with the user or issue different chatbot commands.

  4. All Variables & Tags that are currently used at runtime by this chatbot instance are listed here. These are the current values specific to the current conversation.

  5. This is the live chat area. Messages are queued here in real-time independently from the channel you are using.

Access to this section and to specific functionalities available on each contact can be greatly customized by the Pro Team package.


By default, Conversations are securely stored on Xenioo cloud for a variable amount of time directly related to your active subscription. The table below shows the current conversations retention duration:

As time passes, Xenioo will automatically remove interactions that have happened outside the retention window. When every interaction is older than the retention period, the conversation will be completely empty. All of the contact information and chat variables are instead kept for the complete chatbot lifetime and are never deleted unless the user (or the bot) asks to be forgotten.

You can further increase retention by 12 by adding the "Archivist" package to any active paid plan. The additional 12 months will be added to your current plan retention. For example if you have an Agency plan you can extend retention to 21 months.

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