Set Chat Operator State Action

This operation can change the conversation operator status by raising the operator request flag or activate complete take over.


The action uses the following settings:


This action automatically expands the number of available options depending on your account Pro Team package availability. Some options may not be available to every account.

The mode setting has the following possible values:

  • Request Operator

  • Operator Takeover

    • Control is given to an operator. Any user input is ignored by your chatbot engine. The conversation is expected to be handled by a human operator.

  • Chatbot Controlled

    • Control is given back to the chatbot. Any user input is processed by your chatbot.

Xenioo will automatically handle the Assign Operator setting as follows:

  • Random

    • Any operator will be picked at random. If a group is specified, the random operator will be picked exclusively inside that group.

  • Less Busy

    • Xenioo will prioritize the operator that have currently the least controlled conversations. If multiple operators have the same amount of conversations it will proceed randomly among them.

  • Specific

    • A specific operator will be used by the action.

If no operator is available and the Select only online operators flag is enabled, no action will be taken and the chat state will not change.

Some of available settings are directly related to the pro team package and may be missing from standard premium accounts.

As soon as the chat is assigned to an operator it becomes marked as "Taken Over". No other action in the current interaction will be executed.


This action does not have any trigger.


This action produces the following variables after being triggered:


Channel specific availability follows the table below:

This action can be used only inside interactions and not as child of other actions. This action is available only to Premium Accounts.

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