Wassenger is a WhatsApp Web based solution. Once you've configured your phone remember to do not use WhatsApp web or your account may become disconnected and your chatbot may stop responding correctly.

To configure Wassenger as your WhatsApp Xenioo provider, follow the steps detailed below.

  • Signup for a Wassenger account.

  • Pick a I/O plan type suitable for your business.

  • Once inside the console, click on the "Create Device" button to add your device.

  • Enter free device informations and move on to the authorization phase.

  • When the QR code appears, use your mobile phone to attach your device to Wassenger.

Great! Your Whasapp phone number is succesfully attached to Wassenger.

Now Let's configure Xenioo following the steps below.

  • Click on the Devices button on the Wassenger page header.

  • Select your newly added device.

  • From the details page, copy the ID field and paste it in the Device Id field in Xenioo.

  • Click on the API Keys header button in the Wassenger page.

  • Copy the default API Key you find in the API Key field in Xenioo.

  • In Xenioo, confirm all data and publish your chatbot.

  • Congratulations! Your chatbot is now online on Wassenger.

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