MessengerPeople is a WhatsApp Business enabled provider. Please make sure to follow the required steps to make sure to have your account correctly enabled.

To configure the MessengerPeople WhatsApp provider follow the steps detailed below:

  • Signup for a MessengerPeople API account

  • After registering, you'll be redirected to your account dashboard

  • Click on the OAuth Apps menu on the left and the click on the Add button on the bottom right of the page.

  • Set any name you like as Client Name and any description you like as Description.

  • Set https://<NODE> as Redirect URI and click on Save. The <NODE> value is the root name of your Xenioo instance. Check your current account Xenioo url to get the root node name.

  • Your client credentials are created. You can see them in the overview box of the OAuth Apps page.

  • Copy the generated Client-ID and Client-Secret in the same fields of your Xenioo publish dialog.

  • Go to the WhatsApp channel section of your account

  • Copy the Channel UUID you see on the page and paste it in the Channel UUID field you see on the Xenioo publish dialog

  • Click on publish

  • Xenioo will automatically create the correct Webhook configuration for you.

  • If you move to your MessengerPeople account, you should be able to see the Webhook in your Webhook list. If the page is empty, try a refresh or just wait a minute for MessengerPeople to update.

  • Click on the WhatsApp menu of your MessengerPeople account. You should be able to see your current Business Account details.

  • Click on the small pencil on the top right corner to start editing this data

  • Under the "Webhook Subscriptions", add the Xenioo Webhook entry, subscribing only to "messages:in" events and click the save button on the bottom

  • Enjoy!

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